The company


New OMAP srl is an Italian company which has worked in the field of ancillary equipment for plastics processing since its founding in 1972. A long journey has been travelled since then, extensive experience has been gained and many innovative solutions developed.

Starting with the first single phase hopper loader built in 1972, milestones are the first dehumidifiers without water cooling or compressed air in 1980, the proportional gasket-free valve in 1981, followed by the air-exchange valves for dehumidifiers in 1982.

Since 1993 the company has benefited from the input of the new generation, which has given it new impetus and dynamism to complement its solid experience.

Today New Omap is a young and dynamic business, that can rely on more than thirty years' experience in the design and manufacture of ancillary equipment for the processing and handling of granulated plastic polymers.

The firm's forward-looking spirit combined with its consolidated technical know-how have resulted in reliable and innovative products and a highly skilled and qualified client support service.

We work on the presumption of approaching clients as a partner rather than a supplier.

We design and manufacture systems for the processing and handling of plastic granules, basing our work on the use of high-quality materials and the development of optimum technology, but with the main objective of satisfying our clients' requirements and specifications, seeking to improve their productivity by reducing waste and hence enhancing the quality of their products.

Our many years of experience in design and manufacture of ancillary equipment, combined with the assistance and service we offer to our clients, gives us perfect understanding of their needs and allows us to find the best solutions!


1972 – OMAP is founded










1972 – The first single-phase hopper loaders

1974 – The first centralized feeder system

1980 – The first dessicant dryers without water and compressed air

1981 – Gasket-free proportional valve

1982 – Gasket-free dryer exchange valve

1993 – NEW OMAP is founded










2007 – NEW OMAP restyling







1993 -2013 20th Anniversary













2017 – First compact rotor honeycomb dryers WD15-30 series















2019 – Launch of Nebula cloud-based system












2020 – New Omap trademarked