New Omap AT series three-phase hopper loaders are the perfect solution to guarantee absolute reliability in the transport of plastic granules, even over considerable distances. The units are fitted with maintenance-free three-phase side channel vacuum blowers. Power ranges from 0.85 kW to 11 kW.


Main features:

• Stainless steel material receiver

• Fully directional mounting flange Lateral inspection hatch with protective filter for ventilation (optional)

• Side channel blowers with pressure and airflow for optimum vacuum performance

• Floor standing ergonomic central control panel

• Bleeper alarm signals material shortage

• Full load gasket-free discharge flap

• Noise level well within legal limits

• Airtight hinged lid with two closure points

• Filter bag in antistatic polyester fabric

• Automatic filter cleaning with compressed air jets

• Designed and manufactured in accordance with EC regulations

• Latest generation electronic panel, featuring:
   - Proportional valve control

   - Loading time control

   - Pause time control

   - Visual alarm for material shortage