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    Downtime: critical aspects and solutions

    The primary goal of each production department is the customer's needs satisfaction, both on qualitative and delivery times point of view. It happens that the target achievement may be affected by an unforeseen downtime, one of the most difficult situations to face up to.

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    Machine downtime: solution and prevention

    Several are the challenges that production departments face in every-day working routine. Above all, what we have in common and we experience day by day is the struggle to achieve production targets, in a continuous race against time to meet the customer needs, in an increasingly demanding market.

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    The Choice of Products

    In a constantly evolving market, taking responsibility for choice making is becoming ever faster and sudden. Like never before in this particular moment that we are living, when we must choose in the fastest and the most effective way possible, it is important to make the proper considerations and reflections.



New Omap AT series three-phase hopper loaders are the perfect solution to guarantee absolute reliability in the transport of plastic granules, even over considerable distances. The units are fitted with maintenance-free three-phase side channel vacuum blowers. Power ranges from 0.85 kW to 11 kW.


Main features:

• Stainless steel material receiver

• Fully directional mounting flange Lateral inspection hatch with protective filter for ventilation (optional)

• Side channel blowers with pressure and airflow for optimum vacuum performance

• Floor standing ergonomic central control panel

• Bleeper alarm signals material shortage

• Full load gasket-free discharge flap

• Noise level well within legal limits

• Airtight hinged lid with two closure points

• Filter bag in antistatic polyester fabric

• Automatic filter cleaning with compressed air jets

• Designed and manufactured in accordance with EC regulations

• Latest generation electronic panel, featuring:
   - Proportional valve control

   - Loading time control

   - Pause time control

   - Visual alarm for material shortage