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    Efficiency in the drying process

    The need for efficiency in the moulding departments has pushed research into the main machines, whether they are extruders, injection moulding machines or blowers, which have already been at the highest levels for some time. Innovations and developments on these machines involve significant investments with minimal improvement percentages.

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    Downtime: critical aspects and solutions

    The primary goal of each production department is the customer's needs satisfaction, both on qualitative and delivery times point of view. It happens that the target achievement may be affected by an unforeseen downtime, one of the most difficult situations to face up to.



New Omap's AM series hopper loaders are at the cutting edge of technology and performance. Constructed to the highest quality standard, they are at the top of the range for their type.


- Airtight design with three closure points

- Motorised cooling with by-pass

- Automatic filter cleaning

- Soft-start control on single-phase motor

- Brush wear monitor

- Noise level conforms to legal limits