Honeycomb Wheel Driers

The series of dehumidifiers WD is based on the use of a rotating drum impregnated with mixtures of molecular sieves. The new available mixes of desiccants  allow to reach dew point levels below -50°C. The proven technology of the honeycomb wheel dehumidifiers assures to operate with dew point values constant throughout the whole working cycle. The WD series has the additional advantage, provided by proper air circuitry and the new Triflux air heat-exchanger, to recover large part of the heat by reducing the energy consumption since more than 30% compared to conventional drying systems. The Control of the WD  dryers, once fixed the required dew point value, works at constant value thus allowing controlled processing of materials and saving on energy consumption. WD Series dehumidifiers do not require periodic maintenance to change molecular sieves and do not need either compressed air or water (for process air  temperatures up to 140°C, over this the water heat exchanger is required).