Centralized Systems

New Omap manufactures flexible, modular centralized systems for handling and drying materials.

All our systems are pneumatically operated by vacuum and use the "starvation" method. The brain of the system is the microprocessor which transmits and receives data and safely controls the whole installation. Reliable and user-friendly, it can be connected to any PC by serial port. The microprocessor can control up to 40 material receivers and 4 vacuum blowers. Pipe clearance valves, silo selection valves, proportional valves and all the peripherals can be operated with a single low-voltage cable.

New Omap supplies a range of vacuum blowers with airflow and static pressure appropriate for the layout and type of installation Blowers can be side channel, multi-stage or lobed. The suction units are completed by suitably- sized cyclone filters which protect the blowers and prevent the circulation of dust in the workplace. Available models are bag-type filters for medium to large capacity and cartridge filters for small capacity systems. Filters are cleaned automatically by compressed air jets.