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4.0 certifications & integrations


“Real progress happens only when advantages of a new

technology become available to everybody”.

Henry Ford


The evolution of the production plant defined as Industry 4.0 embodies many advantages.

Tax, management, production wise ... all useful for achieving system efficiency that allows the company to quickly make significant progress, with often contained investments.


To get all these advantages, there is the need for a fluid and uniform information flow between machinery and departments, which however often has extremely different languages, communication protocols and timing. Similar machines from different manufacturers often have non-uniform languages ​​and possibly often in a closed protocol and difficult to integrate into other systems.


For some years New Omap has been choosing to create an open and usable system by making the machines', such as dehumidifiers, volumetric dosing units and central feeding systems, parameters, readily available.

Nebula®, a system, free from dedicated software or hardware and also from specific communication systems!

Cloud based and working at machine telemetry level, it is also free from communication protocols thanks to the simple alignment of the data channels.


The 4.0 Ready certification which New Omap machines are proudly provided with is the natural consequence and primary testimony of their easy integration into the production flow of an integrated 4.0 system, allowing to reach and benefit from all the advantages available today.


Contact us to learn and take the advantages within reach!