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Dear readers,


the current situation, connected to the fast spread of Coronavirus requires changes in both working conditions and future prospects.


New Omap Srl is part of the primary companies allowed to continue their productivity by the Italian law and we decided to keep working and to remain available to our partners. The procedures aimed to protect the health and safety of our staff and the surrounding area have led us to adopt new working methods such as smart working when possible to reduce the staff presence in our headquarters to the necessary.


In the meantime, New Omap is taking actions to activate new means of communication with our current and future partners.

We believe it is highly important keeping communication alive, especially in this period, to give technical and commercial support to all those who need it.


We have therefore opened the official Linkedin page of New Omap, where everyone can find useful information and an additional method of contact.


We have activated a new blog on our New Omap website where technical information will be shared for the resolution of the questions that can daily arise.


All existing social networks and newsletters will also be developed, all in a new and more effective sharing that will bring us closer to your needs and their solution.


In a market where everything becomes increasingly difficult, we want to put ourselves at your disposal to contribute to your growth because we deeply believe that only common growth can help us face the dynamism of the global market. Sharing can be a very powerful tool to speed up all problem solving processes.


We are sure that what we have prepared will be an added value for you!


Vittorio Penello

C.E.O. New Omap Srl