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The right equipment at the right time


The IMM or extruders purchase is not always followed up by all the auxiliary machines that allow quick and productive start-up. Often, if possible, it is made use of present and aged equipment and, consequently, not as performing as the latest available, becoming a real "bottleneck" compared to the performance of the new machinery.


The intense use of these auxiliary equipment then brings them to wear out, often at times of greater workload causing delays to their own customers.


Regardless of the size and structure of the molding or injection departments, having the chance to quickly find ancillary equipment is not always possible, especially in periods when the current events further hinder the supply chain.


The need to make use of auxiliary machines for the transport and handling of the plastic material which are reliable and quickly available in the warehouse, allows to have:

  • technological cutting-edge machinery, perfectly integrated and performing with the new productive assets
  • equipment that complies with the latest regulations on worker and environmental safety
  • immediate reduction of costs with higher energy efficient work tools


The right equipment at the right time.

This is the request to which we must give a positive answer, especially during the current challenges that the market and the general situation are facing us with, #italianrestart #plasticrestart #plasticsindustry

For several time now, New Omap has worked closely with its key suppliers and, thanks to its many years of presence and knowledge in the auxiliaries’ sector for the treatment and handling of plastic granules, it is now able to have a wide range of systems ready on stock to support your needs.


Feel free to contact us for any further information, we are looking forward to help you with your needs.