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The Choice of Products


In a constantly evolving market, taking responsibility for choice making is becoming ever faster and sudden. Like never before in this particular moment that we are living, when we must choose in the fastest and the most effective way possible, it is important to make the proper considerations and reflections.


Choosing a product then leads to a responsibility connected to the goals we want to achieve and which have defined that choice itself.

When a product is to be connected to an existing system, we must take into consideration the features required by the system itself and our choice must be in line with the system needs. If the product is functional and compliant with the system features so as to meet the purposes for which it was chosen, we can thus define it as an Efficient product.


From a Production point of view, however, an efficient choice may not be enough. In order to evaluate its effectiveness, the choice must always aim to the global result. The more the chosen product will be an added value to achieve the set goal, the more Effective the choice will be.


There is no point in finding a product at an unbeatable price if it does not meet the requirements of effectiveness and efficiency. Economical doesn’t just mean "low price"!

For this reason, New Omap choice to implement its range of products with high energy and production efficiency machines, increases the value of its systems, by adding two innovative features to the new 2020 range: 36 months extended warranty and our Service support available both remotely and on-site, ready to use at purchase, without additional extra costs.


We are here to evaluate together the best choice for your needs!