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Needs and requirements of the production department


The injection molding departments, like many production departments, always face new, different and multiple challenges:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase productivity, together with an ever-decreasing number of staff
  • Address the complexity increase of the department itself
  • Obtain more and more prompt and precise supervision and control


Without forgetting the new and more demanding challenges that the current situation imposes on us and that sometimes require rethinking and redesigning the department itself.


Regardless of the size and difficulty, these issues are not only an integral part of any operational implementation reasoning but are also part of the main guidelines and recommendations in the application of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


For this reason, modern supervisory and control systems allow users not only to collect machine data for possible integration into their databases or management systems but also to be able to exercise real remote control and management of the machine itself.


The main advantages that can be achieved by the operator are:

  • Fast and prompt management of the various material treatment points.
  • Fast supervision and accurate control of the dehumidification and transport processes.
  • Less margin of error and downtime
  • Consultation of dedicated reports


But there is more!


Today, if you want to exploit the potential of such systems, there are solutions free from dedicated hardware and accessible from any device without additional costs.


The most performing is called NEBULA, and has been developed by New Omap!


If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to share with you all the information necessary for your eventual implementation.