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Machine downtime: solution and prevention


Several are the challenges that production departments face in every-day working routine. Above all, what we have in common and we experience day by day is the struggle to achieve production targets, in a continuous race against time to meet the customer needs, in an increasingly demanding market.


It is therefore essential a straightforward production process, in particular in the plastic injection moulding and extrusion sector.


Nevertheless, it happens that machinery malfunctions or even unscheduled downtimes may get in the way of the production activity, which can threaten the company's soundness. An unplanned downtime, in fact, has as a direct consequence the production stop, which translates into significant economic damage for the company and even in the customer dissatisfaction and loss of his trust, which can cause an equally dangerous damage to the corporate image.


The challenging times that we keep on facing today have reminded us once again that it is no longer possible to waste time denying problems or postponing solutions.


So, which are the tools that can help us facing this difficulty and find a proper resolution?


Immediate assistance is the first and essential answer to be able to get out of this impasse, but it is as much true that proper maintenance, performed by highly specialized technicians, is the safest way to "prevent" as well as "solve" the problem.


Thanks to the new Nebula® system, we are now able to respond with an immediate assistance service, which allows us:

  • Real-time analysis of the machine parameters;
  • Access and check the historical processes by highly specialized technicians, to identify any causes;
  • Joint actions between spare parts on stock and a service network in the area.


And it's not all!


From this was born New Omap's choice to include Nebula® in the 2020 package of its machines, to be at the forefront of resolution but also and above all in preventing the causes of machine downtime.


Contact us to know and benefit the careful and dedicated New Omap preventive Service!