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Downtime: critical aspects and solutions


The primary goal of each production department is the customer's needs satisfaction, both on qualitative and delivery times point of view. It happens that the target achievement may be affected by an unforeseen downtime, one of the most difficult situations to face up to.


As a matter of fact, the downtime is an event that could occur due to equipment breakdown, used in the production process, which is inevitably subject to wear and deterioration over time.


The immediate solution and, most important, the proper prevention of these difficulties are prompt assistance and scheduled machine maintenance.


Prompt action is the immediate response to properly restore the production process, but above all the main measure is planning a scheduled service, relying on spare parts' availability which play a key role in the equipment restart, to finally provide a prompt response to the customers’ needs.


The long-term experience in the field of ancillary equipment for plastics polymers processing and handling has led New Omap to provide a prompt response today, taking advantage of Nebula® cutting-edge cloud system which allows us to remote manage the fault analysis to provide faster and proper machines maintenance.

Furthermore, the constant data collection by the same system allows us to create a maintenance plan dedicated to the specific customers' needs, our ready on stock spare parts warehouse is a direct result of New Omap market knowledge, number of devices installed and over 45 years’ experience.


Contact us to get a tailormade maintenance program and ensure the maximum production continuity!