• 4.0 certifications & integrations

    “Real progress happens only when advantages of a new
    technology become available to everybody”.
    Henry Ford  read »

  • Core8: efficiency and resources rationalization

    During the last months we had to get familiar with new terms such as distancing, staggered entries, contingency, smart working and several times we have been forced to rethink not only the strategies but even the work habits.
    Actions and solutions which till yesterday allowed us to be competitive on the market, today they seem to be ineffective and the resources which we were already lacking of before are now undoubtably insufficient.  read »

  • Welcome 2021!

    Dear Readers,
    When each of us decides to go through a path, the first step starts from analyzing and developing a vision, which then flourish into a project that outlines the next actions and objectives to follow.  read »

  • Efficiency in the drying process

    The need for efficiency in the moulding departments has pushed research into the main machines, whether they are extruders, injection moulding machines or blowers, which have already been at the highest levels for some time. Innovations and developments on these machines involve significant investments with minimal improvement percentages.  read »

  • Downtime: critical aspects and solutions

    The primary goal of each production department is the customer's needs satisfaction, both on qualitative and delivery times point of view. It happens that the target achievement may be affected by an unforeseen downtime, one of the most difficult situations to face up to.  read »

  • Machine downtime: solution and prevention

    Several are the challenges that production departments face in every-day working routine. Above all, what we have in common and we experience day by day is the struggle to achieve production targets, in a continuous race against time to meet the customer needs, in an increasingly demanding market.  read »

  • The Choice of Products

    In a constantly evolving market, taking responsibility for choice making is becoming ever faster and sudden. Like never before in this particular moment that we are living, when we must choose in the fastest and the most effective way possible, it is important to make the proper considerations and reflections.  read »

  • The right equipment at the right time

    The IMM or extruders purchase is not always followed up by all the auxiliary machines that allow quick and productive start-up. Often, if possible, it is made use of present and aged equipment and, consequently, not as performing as the latest available, becoming a real "bottleneck" compared to the performance of the new machinery.  read »

  • Needs and requirements of the production department

    The injection molding departments, like many production departments, always face new, different and multiple challenges:
    Reduce operating costs
    Increase productivity, together with an ever-decreasing number of staff
    Address the complexity increase of the department itself  read »

  • Welcome!

    Dear readers,
    the current situation, connected to the fast spread of Coronavirus requires changes in both working conditions and future prospects.
    New Omap Srl is part of the primary companies allowed to continue their productivity by the Italian law and we decided to keep working and to remain available to our partners.   read »